“Smart Kids Do This” is now on Kindle

Friends, the moment has come. The time has arrived. Your wish has been granted.

“Smart Kids Do This” is now available on Kindle.

It’s got everything you need to smarten up for the 21st century. To do your own thing. To launch into greatness.

There’s all the content from the blog and much more. At least 50% more. Hundreds of hyperlinks. All the brilliance you can fit in one pocket.

It’s a checklist for greatness. It’s a DadWiki. It’s a sleek object at the bottom of a rabbit hole labeled “READ ME”.

SKDT is not for everyone — nay, it demands a deep understanding, a quick wit, and a rarefied sense of humor — which means it’s unquestionably for YOU.

You should get it now. Your brain will never be the same. And I mean that in a good way.

All the best.

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